Major Deployment of Linux Open Ethernet Switch

NGENIX, a European Cloud Service Provider, deploys Mellanox Spectrum Switch Based on Open Source Linux Driver

Corephotonics Dual-aperture Camera

Corephotonics sues Apple over Small Camera Technology

Apple’s lead negotiator told Dr. Mendlovic, that even if Apple infringed, “it would take years and millions of dollars in litigation before Apple might have to pay something”


Mellanox Shares lost 2% following the Third Quarter Report

“During the third quarter, InfiniBand revenues declined seven percent sequentially mainly due to a large Department of Energy CORAL deployment”

Korea Aviation Technologies agreement ceremony

IAI and Hankuk to establish a UAV company in Korea

The new Korea Aviation Technologies (KAT) will develop and manufacture unmanned aerial vehicles with vertical takeoff and landing capability

Artificial Intelligence

Israeli AI Startups Community gain Momentum

Daniel Singer: “The number of startups in Israel using AI technology has nearly tripled in size since 2014: Almost 300 startups were founded between 2014 and today”

Cognata Simulation Engine

Simulation will drive Autonomous Driving

A small startup from Rehovot, Israel, believes that only massive parallel simulations can train Autonomous Vehicle AI systems in order to bring them into a Human Level. NVIDIA adopted the idea


Rockchip and CEVA won LG Design for 3D Camera

On August 2016, Rockchip has licensed the CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision DSP to enhance the imaging and computer vision capabilities of its SoC product lines. With LG design win, the cooperation between CEVA and Rockchip is becoming an alliance

IAI TopGun Fuze

IAI has Developed a Course Correction Fuze for Standard Artillery

TopGun is an add-on fuze mounted on 155mm shells used by the IDF. It allows guiding the shell to its target, using a pre-defined coordinate

iPhone X Sensors

iPhone X Face ID was developed in Israel

An analysis published this week by Frost and Sullivan has revealed that this facial recognition technology originated in PrimeSense, an Israeli 3D sensor company that was acquired by Apple

Mantaro Robot

The first Responder will be… a Robot

Mantaro and Beeper develop a robot with high-bandwidth connectivity to enable media-rich information exchange between autonomous robots and first responder teams

Coto Technology RedRock

DSL Components to represent Coto Technology in Israel

Last year Coto launched its revolutionary TMR-based (Tunneling Magneto Resistance) miniature RedRock sensors and switch series products

TowerJazz Magnetic Sensor

TowerJazz to Manufacture Magnetic Sensors

The cooperation between Crocus and TowerJazz started 7 years ago, when the two companies aligned their processes and adopted TMR magnetic sensing technology for the development of embedded MRAM

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